Our Process

Prompt, accurate reports that can stand up in a court of law

Our time-tested IME process ensures prompt, reliable reports. Our cutting-edge technology not only ensures efficiency, but also lets clients track the progress of their reports from inception to closure. Throughout the IME process, we guarantee clear, direct answers to any questions you may have.


Exam Scheduling & Notifications

  • Exam/Record Review request is received via telephone or email
  • Claimant information is entered into our secure IME platform
  • Appropriate physician is selected based on specialty or client's preference
  • Cover letter for the reviewing physician is created on behalf of the client
  • Exam appointment is scheduled
  • Reminder letter, map and written directions are mailed to the claimant
  • Notification letters sent to all parties on behalf of our client
  • 24 hours prior to the appointment, we make a reminder call to the claimant

Medical Record Review

  • Medical records are accepted via web portal, mail, email, fax or courier
  • We document the receipt of records on our secure IME platform
  • Medical records are prepared for evaluation by the reviewing physician

Completion of Exam & Record Review

  • Physician dictates their report, transcribed by our in-house transcription department
  • QA review of physician's report: compare to physician’s cover letter, claim number, DOI, allowed conditions, etc.
  • Report is reviewed for typos and professional references
  • Check that the physician has limited his/her opinion to the allowed conditions of the claim
  • Check the physician’s calculations for Permanent Partial Impairment rating (if needed)
  • QA reviewer notifies physician of anything requiring further clarification
  • Report is returned to the physician for final review and approval
  • Final report and invoice are delivered to the client

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